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That’s the thing though, there are Mini Mega in only 2 of the 8 consoles, same for the switchless board, it’s only some consoles, not all. Iv’e also removed them and try without them, they are clearly not the culprit. The picture is just an example of one install. I gave the picture to show that I’m a least not the worst modder out there. I checked with a magnifying glass (a pretty “powerful” one) and I can’t find any solder bridge (continuity tests are fine too).

I used 5 power supplies in total :
– This one :
– 2x official MD1/Genesis PSUs (I think both have a dead cap as I had a random reset issue with both)
– 2x official Master System 2 PSUs (both work fine whether it’s with SMS2 or MD1/Gen)

Though you brought a very good point, I guess I checked already but I don’t remember the result I got, I’ll try the ones with Mini Mega to see if there is sound