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I was going to create a thread with exactly the same issue.

So here is my setup:

  1. OSSC 1.6
  2. Gamecube
  3. gchd mk-ii
  4. Official Wii component cables
  5. TV Sony x930e
  6. HT Sony DN1080 ( the tv is passing all the sound to the HT through ARC)

What I have noticed:

  • When I enable 480pX2 audio seems to drop out every 7-15 second, this happens with both Audio Downsampling set to 2x or off
  • 480p passthrough seems to work fine, the problem only occur with 480p x2
  • I haven’t noticed sound drop outs with GBI 360px2 and x3 so far.
  • Connecting Component Cables (with sound) directly to the TV also works fine ( So the cables are not the problem)

Seems like there is an issue with audio processing and 480p X2 at least with the gamecube.