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@nmalinoski, I rather use AV1 since im getting audio from there at least.

If you’re already using the SCART output from the Toro to connect to AV1 on the OSSC, that’s fine; that’s what I was trying to recommend. 🙂

but i ever knew i was SUPPOSED to flip the switch back to 15KHz after the sega logo. I will test again with this and report back to see if this changes anything. (the ossc been reporting 524p) so it wasn’t on 480 i)

EDIT: flipping that switch with AV1 made no difference, and AV3 just doesn’t give out any signal.

Just to be clear, when you’re tricking a 480i game into displaying 480p, you need to boot the console in 15kHz/480i and then flip the switch on the Toro 31kHz/480p during that white Sega licensing screen, as soon as possible after it appears. If you flip it after it goes away, it won’t work; and at no point after booting the console should you need to flip it back to 15kHz. You also don’t need to do this with any game that normally supports 480p.