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Hi guys! Just purchased the LG 65 OLED C9, and here’s my report:

DC with Toro: beautiful!
Megadrive / Master System / Saturn: beautiful, especially x3 and x5 (even though in x5 the image is cropped)
PC Engine (RGB modded): Good, but some loss of signal occur from time to time
Snes: Nope, sadly still doesn’t work… It starts ok but loses signal after 1 or 2 seconds, in x2, x3, x4 or x5
PS 1 and modded N64: it works but looks crap, which is expected as they always look crap (especially N64, PS1 is ok but not as good as Saturn)

Well no matter what TV you have, it seems the OSSC is king with everything Sega! And my god the picture quality on the OLED C9 is just other worldly 🙂

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