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Well, while it did help somewhat against the “redness”, i would not say it is good. Theres just too much detailed being lost going through the retrotink, just look at the lizard.

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same as for the Snes, alot of details being lost:

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No matter what settings i change on the tv, i just can’t get the color right. And i would absolutly think its just the retrotink not working with my particular setup, but i have tried with several consoles, 3 mega drives, two snes, and alot of others etc, on two different tv’s and a computer monitor, and it is all the same result. I believe either i have gotten a bad sample, or i am just too picky. Unless there is something else i could try? i mean i get the advice to try with component, but if the colors only are gonna be correct with component and not composite then it is not really the product i have been searching for.