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The switch had two inputs. At the time the OSSC was powered off as I only use it to send video from an older MS-DOS machine that needs to be upscaled.

So I have a modern PC going directly to the switch, while I have the older PC outputting VGA to the OSSC. The OSSC then outputs HDMI to the switch on the second input. I wanted to power on the more modern machine to start a capture. With the OSSC and the MS-DOS machine powered down I turned on the modern PC plugged into the switch, with the correct input selected to pass video to my capture card. When I did this the display of the OSSC began to flicker like the device was going to try to power on. This seemed like it was bad news so I powered off the machine and removed the switch from the equation. I just ran my modern machine direct to my capture card to finish what I was doing.

Later I hooked the OSSC back up the capture card directly and the image I posted above was the result.