Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Hello guys,
I didn’t saw your reply on this post !! I am amazed that we all have the C9 😀
For your info, I still took an OSSC and for the Super Nintendo, it’s literally amazing. For the moment I use a PAL SNES and PAL games and it’s crazy how beautiful is it. I will get soon my Snes PAL switchless with de-jitter and will do deeper test.
Concerning the N64, I have a PAL one with RGB Advance mod and I don’t understand how to get good picture quality on it. I am stuck with passthrough like you said and it’s literally disgusting. I don’t know if it’s because on Pal we have 288p instead of 240p or my cables; or the profile. I am literally stuck :/
I tried to create a new topic about that, I detailed a lot with my complete spec and a lot of pictures. I am waiting his validation.
But if you want more detailed result on Gamecube and Wii, I can share it with you guys. I have an EON MK-II and it’s crazy how beautiful it can be.
Concerning the Nes RGB, are you sure we don’t need any de-jitter ? I am about to have one soon and it might be a good news for me. 😀
I hope you guys will help me for the n64, it’s my biggest collection here so it’s really sad.