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I have a Panasonic TX-32LMD70A, it’s a pretty old TV but latency is really low (about 1 to 2 frames compared to a CRT; I split a signal to test), has really good blacks and sound quality is rich. I thought I’d share my findings here. I’ve tried the following consoles but haven’t had any success getting anything other than 2x working:


Following advice on the pinned “TIPS & TWEAKS” thread, I tried playing with and v.bachpoch but I never get a picture. I read in my manual that HDMI port 1 can accept DVI, so I’ve set the OSSC to DVI but that hasn’t helped. I guess there’s no hope here but 2x (480p) does look pretty decent, I just wondered if I could get it looking even crisper and if getting 720p or 1080p would give even less lag.