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In the meantime I have taken a step further by connecting my PS1 (via composite video). With the VP30 the situation is unchanged -> no picture, but surprisingly sound. With the VP50 I suddenly have a picture, but no sound.

For me it will boil down to the fact that I will use the VP50 on a 4K HDTV in the future, because at least I will get a correct picture here. The sound will be transferred directly to my AVR via the digital coaxial output. I will continue to use the VP30 on my old Sony KDL-46HX800 FullHD, or I will get a compatible 4K HDTV (LG seem’s to offer some good unit’s).

On the other hand one must also say that it was never intended to use these old DVDOs on a 4K HDTV. As far as the HDMI interface is concerned, there is much more than just picture and sound data transmitted (control signals, Ethernet, etc.). It’s quite possible that this will confuse the old DVDOs because they can’t expect/process this information and therefore errors will occur.

Just as an example:
With my VP30 I also had big problems with the Sony KDL-46HX800 in the beginning. Most of the time the HDTV did not show any picture when it came from the VP30. After long back and forth in troubleshooting I found out that the 3D infrared transmitter of the TV itself (needed for the 3D glasses) causes the error. After I disconnected it, the VP30 and HDTV get along very well with each other. Maybe this is all but a peculiarity of Sony HDTV devices.

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