Reply To: OSSC and ABT Scalers (VP30,50,Edge)


Hey folks, hope you are all safe and well.

I’ve had an OSSC sitting around for a while, waiting for me to have time to set it up correctly. I was intending to use it with an original Xbox (using a first party component connection) and possibly a Wii that I have sitting around.

I was also lucky enough to have a friend of mine give me a DVDO iScan Duo a few weeks back.

My question is: should I be running the Xbox from the OSSC to the iScan, and if I do, what would be the best settings for this setup?

I’ve played around with line doubling from the Xbox, using the settings suggested here:

Revisiting 480px2 on the OSSC – Is this a game changer?

Would the iScan add anything to this, or should I bypass it for the Xbox?

Apologies for the long post. There are a lot of parameters to consider and as a newb, I could spend months trying to get this sorted.