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After further testing on several of my other consoles, Line 5X continued not working at all for me despite what console I sent through. At that point, I realized it was something that changed in the OSSC through the updates so I went over the change logs and finally found/fixed the issue.

I had to change TX mode to DVI. Despite nothing in my chain actually using a DVI cable/port/adapter. This is not intuitive, nor is it a default setting. I would consider myself probably an advanced user and not a beginner…suffice to say that a beginning user of the OSSC device would have probably never figured to try something like that out to fix the problem. Something such as TX mode to DVI would make no sense as a solution when nothing in their signal chain correlates to it specifically.

For posterity, I did try the rollback to .84 (just to see) and Line 5X was working flawlessly on all default settings. So yeah, idk, wish the forums were more helpful.