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I know this post was for a different setup but I do have a similar TV resolution but using a Wii though.

I have a Hisense R6 4K 65″ TV max resolution is 3840×2160 and was wondering if the these settings are correct to use with a Wii also?
Setup is: On Wii the settings are on 480P/16:9>Output to OSSC via component (HD Retrovision Wii/Wii U Premium YPbPr Component Video Cable)>Mclassic>HDMI in on TV.

Iv’e played with different setting and the Hisense can take many modes 480p, 1080p, 1440 etc. that I’ve tried but usually looks soft or blurry. I also have an Mclassic and am looking for a sharp picture? Iv’e tried all other combinations and nothing looks decent?

So are these setting below correct and the best maximum sharpest setting for a 4K to try? Or do I have it all wrong?? I’m new to all this apologies. Just want the best image and aspect ratio like the OP. I have different zoom options also but try to not use them but will if needed on the TV.

Line2x, H. Active to 960 and V.Active to 544. If yes then what are the other setting to be set as?

768×432? lineX2: ON
H. samplerate:?
H. synclen:?
H. active: 960
V. active: 544
H. backporch:?
V. backporch:?

I also ordered Hyperkin HD Cable for Wii thinking to bypass the OSSC and go to the Mclassic right to the TV for a better image? I’ve never heard anyone do that so I maybe the first?

Thank you kindly.