Reply To: OSSC PAL Optimal Timings


Could you clarify “all consoles prior”? The optimized modes (and importantly, sample rate of the optimized mode) should be matched to the specific console dot clock. For example 320×240 is appropriate for N64 (with 386.6ish samplerate), but not for SNES which needs the 256×240 mode (with 341 samplerate).

(well technically, no console “needs” 320×240 or 256×240 since you can set any samplerate for either of them, but then you don’t get the right horizontal multiplication, so the aspect ratio would be more off if appropriate mode is not selected)

Also note that some games have double horizontal resolution (mainly noticable with text), then you should use 512×240 mode and double the samplerate.

See further here:
and here:

If your N64 is PAL, odds are you need to lower to 270 to get it working in x4 mode (270×4 = 1080). See also: