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So, my €13 Altera USB Blaster JTAG programmer arrived.

This was my attempt at fixing my OSSC by downgrading via JTAG, since the SD card reader went bad after the upgrade to 0.88
I now know that my OSSC uses different parts from the one sold by VGP, which seems to account for the “accident”.

I had previously updated from the original version (don’t know) to 0.86, and that went fine, using the SD card method.
Since I couldn’t find 0.86 as a .jic file to get back to it, I followed the JTAG programming guide to try and download this file:
ossc_0.85-aud.jic (EDIT: and also ossc_0.76-aud.jic)
But then I got this error message:

Info (209060): Started Programmer operation at Thu Dec 17 17:39:54 2020
Info (209016): Configuring device index 1
Info (209017): Device 1 contains JTAG ID code 0x020F20DD
Info (209007): Configuration succeeded — 1 device(s) configured
Error (209025): Can’t recognize silicon ID for device 1. A device’s silicon ID is different from its JTAG ID. Verify that all cables are securely connected, select a different device, or check the power on the target system. Make sure the device pins are connected and configured correctly.
Error (209012): Operation failed
Info (209061): Ended Programmer operation at Thu Dec 17 17:40:00 2020

So, if anyone has an idea what’s going on, I’d very much appreciate some help. I’ve never used this tool before.

EDIT: the OSSC was powered up when I tried this.