Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Hi guys!
I didn’t use my ossc for a while because i moved to another place.
I have a new TV since a couple of months and decided to connect my new TV, OSSC and my Wii(Wii->component cable->OSSC->TV).
My new TV (Sony XH9005 65″) seems to support really all possible Resolutions on the Wii/GC/Virtual Console stuff(x3,3x,4x,etc…). But to be honest the difference is not that big here. I mean there are definetely some differences but they are hard to notice at times. Im using the “original” size mode in my TV settings wich seems to keep the size without streching the picture(But I have black bars).
If i strech the picture it looks worse but i suppose that is not intended when using an ossc anyway? Does anyobody else have experiences with this TV or a similar model?