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Getting an issue when attempting to write on flash, it seems, so I’ll report what I did in details in case I did anything wrong.

– Set DE10-Nano in AS Mode by toggling SW10 switches 4 and 5.
– Programmed DE10-Nano with .jic file :
At first I had an error saying something like “Expected 1 device but there are 2 devices”.
My solution was to use auto-detect, remove the device’s initial entry to avoid doubles, and programming worked.
– Unplugged DE10-Nano, then set it back to default mode by toggling SW10 switches 4 and 5 back in their original position. <– DE10-Nano should stay in AS mode
– Started DE10-Nano : I noticed that the profile load/save feature was not there so I figured I should have updated the .rbf file for that.
– Got latest .rbf file which was updated on the repository indeed, and now I see the profile save/load feature, as well as the IR binding feature. Nice !
– Tried IR binding feature : OSD hangs as soon as I confirm IR code for the last key entry (“PROFILE_HOTKEY”).
Same behaviour from OSD or from pressing KEY0 at start. When OSD hangs, KEY1 doesn’t go back anymore either.
So looking at controls.c I see this call for write_userdata() and I suspect an issue on flash write.
– Tried profile save : same behaviour, OSD freezes, so flash write seems to be the issue.
Did I program the .jic improperly ?

On a side note, this may have no relation but oddly enough, I don’t get RGBS sync anymore, from any of my consoles.
The sound is properly captured and transmitted to HDMI, but no image anymore, just NO_SYNC.
I tried to revert back to previous firmware by putting previous .rbf file on SD card but this didn’t trigger an update, as I still had the new IR binding and profile load/save features available. I got back to current .rbf file on SD card now.

I’ll be available to try things if needed, and sorry in advance if I just did something wrong ! 😀

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