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    I’ve generated a new beta fw for DExx-vd_isl which allows saving/loading profiles onto the flash on DE10-Nano. Unfortunately the flash seems accessible only when FPGA boots from it (Cyclone V limitation) so the firmware must be also installed into it (instructions below). However, this is only a temporary solution as I’m working on getting the profiles stored/loaded via SD card, thus the beta fw release.

    For those who need the profile save/load feature asap and want to install the beta fw, the first step is to download the .jic file and open it in Quartus Programmer (download “Quartus Prime Programmer and Tools” package from Intel if necessary). Before hitting start, the boot mode must be set to AS by toggling SW10 switches 4 and 5 on DE10-Nano. The SD card must still be inserted but the .rbf file on it does not need to be updated.


    Getting an issue when attempting to write on flash, it seems, so I’ll report what I did in details in case I did anything wrong.

    – Set DE10-Nano in AS Mode by toggling SW10 switches 4 and 5.
    – Programmed DE10-Nano with .jic file :
    At first I had an error saying something like “Expected 1 device but there are 2 devices”.
    My solution was to use auto-detect, remove the device’s initial entry to avoid doubles, and programming worked.
    – Unplugged DE10-Nano, then set it back to default mode by toggling SW10 switches 4 and 5 back in their original position. <– DE10-Nano should stay in AS mode
    – Started DE10-Nano : I noticed that the profile load/save feature was not there so I figured I should have updated the .rbf file for that.
    – Got latest .rbf file which was updated on the repository indeed, and now I see the profile save/load feature, as well as the IR binding feature. Nice !
    – Tried IR binding feature : OSD hangs as soon as I confirm IR code for the last key entry (“PROFILE_HOTKEY”).
    Same behaviour from OSD or from pressing KEY0 at start. When OSD hangs, KEY1 doesn’t go back anymore either.
    So looking at controls.c I see this call for write_userdata() and I suspect an issue on flash write.
    – Tried profile save : same behaviour, OSD freezes, so flash write seems to be the issue.
    Did I program the .jic improperly ?

    On a side note, this may have no relation but oddly enough, I don’t get RGBS sync anymore, from any of my consoles.
    The sound is properly captured and transmitted to HDMI, but no image anymore, just NO_SYNC.
    I tried to revert back to previous firmware by putting previous .rbf file on SD card but this didn’t trigger an update, as I still had the new IR binding and profile load/save features available. I got back to current .rbf file on SD card now.

    I’ll be available to try things if needed, and sorry in advance if I just did something wrong ! 😀

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    Please note that the SW10 switches must be left on the AS mode after programming, otherwise the system will boot from HPS (i.e. the rbf file you updated on the SD card) and freeze on flash write.


    Silly me, it makes more sense now. I confirm flash writes work in AS mode. Thank you for the quick reply !


    I’ve now generated a new beta image which can be unzipped and written into SD card (raw mode). Settings & profiles (up to 100) are now stored on SD card so this fw does not require changing switch positions on DE10-Nano (users of previous beta build should set them back to default).

    The firmware also supports loading of MiSTer scaling filters from SD. 2 filters can be put on SD card as scaler1.txt and scaler2.txt after which they can be activated via “Scaling Algorithm” on Scaler menu.

    There are still some unresolved issues with the SD card controller which have workarounds but no proper solution, thus no official release yet. Let me know if there are problems with SD card access (aside from hotplugging which is not supported).

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