I’ll try to back up the info tomorow evening ^^

Now I pass every signal with AV1 with no problems (not re-tested the neogeo yet, but in my memories it was good), hooking directly the console to the av1, or hooking the sync strike / xsync1 to av1 (by passing by an extron matrix rgbs, so I could do a vga>scart with no particular loose)

Av3 gives me some little sync issues with some console (don’t remember the rgb used) but it’s like a 0.5 sec desynchro, and resynchro as fast…sometimes playing, sometimes when powering on the console, maybe that the fact of the CII that is checking the resolution/freq

Another trick I use with the fabulous OSSC : before I was hooking my 480p signals (RGBHV/YUV) directly to the CII, yesterday I have tested passing by the OSSC, and the results are great (ps2 & Dreamcast), there are a little transition when passing from 480i to 480p but nothing embarrassing, the picture is more clear and colors are more “colourfull”, sharper etc…

I’ll have to bypass my xeselect to see if I could get a better picture…

Now all my 3 input are hooked :
Av 1 : for 240p/480i
Av 2 : for yuv 480i/480p
Av 3 : for signals that gives me a headhache (like my amiga 1200 ^^)

Tested : (all with success)

NTSC console :
Saturn / sfc / megadrive 1 / pce / neogeo / ps1 / ps2 / extron emotia (line x3 give me a little a rounded picture at the top, line x2 perfectly fine)

Pal console :
Amiga 1200 / Dreamcast / megadrive 1

Have to test (when I’ve got the time lol) :
Atari ST, 3do (NTSC), supergun (jamma / naomi / mvs…), nesrgb, n64 (NTSC), amiga cd32, wii (yuv), gamecube (yuv)…

For now the OSSC give me full satisfaction (and with the 480p trick maybe more)