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    Hi guys

    So yesterday I’ve received my OSSC, very fast shipping btw ^^

    After open the parcel, I discover a well done good protected package.
    The unit was here in his confortable foam, there were also the remote and the psu.

    I had already done the pre-hooking service for the unit (deporting RGBs from my matrix), so I had just to plug my RGBs scart into, and my hdmi cable to my HC (Onkyo TX-NR 808).

    So I’ve tested 4 setups with 4 consoles & 1 computer:

    – Onkyo TX NR 808
    – Samsung UE32J6300
    – Xrgb-mini
    – Crystalio CII 3300
    – SFC (ntsc 1 chip)
    – Neogeo AES (ntsc)
    – Sega Saturn (ntsc)
    – Sega Megadrive (ntsc)

    – Amiga 1200 (pal)

    My setup is like this :

    240p > Sync Strike > Extron 203 Rxi > Extron RGBs Matrix > OSSC

    Generaly all my systems are outputing Csync : SFC, Saturn, Megadrive, NeoGeo, except I think the Amiga 1200

    So my first test was with the SFC + onkyo :
    Line double : great results clean picture, soft scrolling, great score
    Line triple : the same things, but with sharper pixels

    The saturn was the same deal

    The two systems works equally with the TV, onkyo, CII, xrgb-mini

    Now let’s go with the NeoGeo AES :
    At first get a picture in line double mode, so just watching the intro of the games, turning off both systems (OSSC + console), turning on OSSC swithing to line triple mode, selecting the AV1 RGBs, and then…pictures was, but after 2/3 minutes, there were some jumping sync, I could see that on the OSSC; showing me that the resolution and freq was changing…so I couldn’t do anything that solve the problem; swithing LPF to max/mid/low, switching the analogue sync Vth, the H-PLL values…doesn’t do anything…

    Maybe it’s due to frequency that’s the screen/hc/upscaler couldn’t manage…

    The same things happened on the megadrive, near the same way the neogeo does

    I have to try with my DVDO VP50 (waiting it to be updated to 1.09), to see if it’s just normal or if my hardware are not compatible for now with the OSSC

    The amiga 1200 for the end…
    So with this one I’ve got colours problems with the FM, I was hopping the OSSC not showing me same problems, that I not see/afect with the XRGB-3 or CRT…
    The picture is sharp and beautifull, like the others systems, but I always have this colours problems (some lightning/weavy flash area of some colours background)
    Line double works, line triple works

    To finish, the OSSC was working well directly hooked to my TV, Onkyo, a better with the CII, because he could hangs better this kind of signals, and with the two systems that I have problems, it lasted longer, but in the end the pictures was also gone.

    All my system could handle line double/triple with SFC, Saturn, Amiga without problems
    The two other systems (NG AES, MD), like I said before, was showing and disapearing in both modes…

    So I have to test it with VP50 now to see if it could handle them

    More tests to come with other systems (pce, atari st, ps1…)

    Thanks again Marqs and Matt & the comunity to offer us this kind of project

    EDIT : Ok hooked the OSSC to my IIyama 27″ seems to work properly with the neogeo aes, since there are no sync drops anymore…but the MD still not working at all (I’ve changed the PLL values to what is incated in the wiki, but nothing…) keep trying again 😛
    NB : the OSSC shows me a freq of 70Hz for the MD1 Jap lol, try to test it again this evening


    I have another way of hooking it, I’ve got a vga cable that goes to sync strike to extron rgb 203 rxi, but it output with the monitor output (no affected by the rgb 203 rxi / passtrough), I’ll try to test it that way
    Sync Strike > OSSC DB15


    Ok can we start with the Megadrive.. indeed the Megadrive shouldn’t really cause issues, other than maybe a little vertical trembling.

    Can I get your model of Megadrive (1,2,motherboard revision if you know it) and your exact cable type (you say CSYNC, but who produced it and is it wired correctly?)

    On the Amiga, I have a CD32 here (with SX32) and have no colour issues, can you maybe show a screenshot of this?

    AES seems to have some issues for some folks, maybe I’ll get one for myself and try at some point (I wonder what the tax man would say to a business expense of a AES console 🙂 )

    Connecting via AV3/VGA DOES help with some systems so if you can try that, that would be great. This is a known bug Markus is working on. Remember to turn DDSP on your Extron interface to ON.


    Hello there
    So after testing some more this evening I hav a great news, everythings works ^^ well just the system I have tested !!
    So I was talking to Xyga (shumups) this afternoon, and he told me, he’s always simplifing his circuit…so like mine is a little complicated, I follow this idea
    So hooking the OSSc directly behind the sync strike was a great idea, the systems that won’t worked before, or like the amiga, where I still got problem, worked very good. (db15 to db15 rgbhv av 3 input)
    Megadrive is okay now (model 1 japanese, csync cable from retreogamingcable.co.uk), playing like 30 minutes, neogeo (like said before also) tested with the IIyama is okay, and the amiga 1200 give me full cristal stable colours and pictures !!

    So, like this :

    240p > Sync strike > OSSC AV3 rgbhv> CII 3300

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 240p ntsc line double / line triple :
    Samsung UE32J6300 :………..YES…………../…..YES…..
    CII 3300 :………………..YES…………../…..YES…..
    IIyama PLB2712HDS :…………YES…………./……YES…..

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 240p pal line double / line triple :
    Samsung UE32J6300 :………..YES…………../…..NO…..
    CII 3300 :………………..YES…………../…..YES…..
    IIyama PLB2712HDS :………..YES…………./……YES…..

    Just played with amiga 1200 (so happy it’s so beautifull) & megadrive this evening
    Playing a lot with the CII 3300, not seeing any frame drops or other, maybe I have to play some games that runs full 60Hz to see (like sonic, or unirally)

    I’ll confirm/invalidate other systems this week – neogeo – sfc – atari – pce etc…

    Can’t wait for X4/X5


    Keep in mind by connecting sources to the AV3 input you bypass some filtering, many SCART sources benefit from this additional filtering which reduces things like sync instability/wobble.

    Megadrive 1 should definitely NOT need a connection to AV3, I would say the cable is probably at fault, can you try a normal composite video for sync cable? Amiga shouldn’t need it either.

    Marqs is still looking into the problematic systems on AV1 (Atari Jaguar is another) so this should improve in time.


    Here is a video of the OSSC combined with the scaler PMS CII 3300 (system megadrive 1 jap in Av3 RGBHV of the OSSC) :

    Great job together
    Do you thinks it’s a reliable solution ?

    PS : the audio out of sync at the end of the video is probably due to the framerate that YouTube can’t handle (on my computer everything is fine)

    Tell me what you think about



    I’ve got problem with 480i signal (only tested saturn for the moment), the picture is cut in 2, some tips for that ?
    I’ll try to make a video later

    edit : video :

    edit :
    Ok tested my ntscj ps2 in yuv with pal DQ8 > 576i works, not as sharp and beautifull as the FM but a descent stable pictures (no flickering, or flashes like the xrgb-3)
    Hooked it in av1 with scart (selected yuv av1 signals on OSSC)

    Anyone have tried 480i saturn titles, or N64 RE2 ?


    No issues with Saturn Virtua Fighter here, either in interlace pass through or deinterlace mode. That’s with OSSC to VP50 Pro.

    Are you feeding the Saturn in via AV1?


    Yes via AV1(rgbs or yuv) AV3 (rgbhv) getting the same results, it’s maybe the CII who’s causing that ?
    576i ps2 gives good stable image, have to test a 480i ps2 title
    576i and 480i saturn gives me this, have to test directly to the tv (by passing the CII, I’ve tried with CII passtru, but nothing changed, worse it gives me a no signal on the Tv)
    OSSC passtru on or off same things

    aarf that’s not that I want the saturn 480i/576i to go to the OSSC, but when you play 240p games thats switch to 480i it’s cool to have a unit that could handle gently the transition, better that the FM :p


    Yeah please test directly to the TV, would be interesting to know if the CII causing the issue.


    So after some test, it’s the same issue :
    Saturn 480i or 576i is not good recognized by the ossc (via sync strike rgbhv, rgbs…) either tv, CII, xcapture1
    Roughtly it works ^-^ : Saturn > OSSC > CII (was the sync strike that cause artefact? )
    Ps2 480i & 576i works good
    My saturn is a model 1 with csync cable, works perfectly goods in 240p

    Edit :
    So it’s works for the saturn, roughtly connected via scart AV1, the 240p>480i transition is perfectly sweet,
    Saturn (csync rgb cable) > OSSC > CII

    Bonus :

    Sonic 2 multiplayer ^-^


    Could you check what’s on OSSC display (also the details you get by pressing ‘info’) when you had it connected via sync strike to AV3? Based on the video (768p@30Hz on infobox), it seems that the custom logic which detects the video as interlaced when input via AV3 is not working properly. It seems that you used linetriple – did you ever try if the problem occurred when using linedouble?


    I’ll try to back up the info tomorow evening ^^

    Now I pass every signal with AV1 with no problems (not re-tested the neogeo yet, but in my memories it was good), hooking directly the console to the av1, or hooking the sync strike / xsync1 to av1 (by passing by an extron matrix rgbs, so I could do a vga>scart with no particular loose)

    Av3 gives me some little sync issues with some console (don’t remember the rgb used) but it’s like a 0.5 sec desynchro, and resynchro as fast…sometimes playing, sometimes when powering on the console, maybe that the fact of the CII that is checking the resolution/freq

    Another trick I use with the fabulous OSSC : before I was hooking my 480p signals (RGBHV/YUV) directly to the CII, yesterday I have tested passing by the OSSC, and the results are great (ps2 & Dreamcast), there are a little transition when passing from 480i to 480p but nothing embarrassing, the picture is more clear and colors are more “colourfull”, sharper etc…

    I’ll have to bypass my xeselect to see if I could get a better picture…

    Now all my 3 input are hooked :
    Av 1 : for 240p/480i
    Av 2 : for yuv 480i/480p
    Av 3 : for signals that gives me a headhache (like my amiga 1200 ^^)

    Tested : (all with success)

    NTSC console :
    Saturn / sfc / megadrive 1 / pce / neogeo / ps1 / ps2 / extron emotia (line x3 give me a little a rounded picture at the top, line x2 perfectly fine)

    Pal console :
    Amiga 1200 / Dreamcast / megadrive 1

    Have to test (when I’ve got the time lol) :
    Atari ST, 3do (NTSC), supergun (jamma / naomi / mvs…), nesrgb, n64 (NTSC), amiga cd32, wii (yuv), gamecube (yuv)…

    For now the OSSC give me full satisfaction (and with the 480p trick maybe more)


    Could you check what’s on OSSC display (also the
    details you get by pressing ‘info’) when you had it connected
    via sync strike to AV3? Based on the video (768p@30Hz on
    infobox), it seems that the custom logic which detects the
    video as interlaced when input via AV3 is not working
    properly. It seems that you used linetriple – did you ever
    try if the problem occurred when using linedouble?

    So for my saturn ntsc jap over sync strike : (when black
    screen or error)
    Line triple :
    RGBHV : 263p 15.73Khz 59.80Hz
    info : 240p_L3M1 LO:2 VSM :1
    RGBS : 263p 15.73Khz 60.05Hz
    info : LO : 7 VSM :1
    (This saturn works perfectly good in AV1 rgbs)

    Bonus 480p (CII + OSSC Combo) :
    ps 2 : https://youtu.be/2YPeaQK2lco
    original xbox : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIxO5Byp8Ao



    Did you ever try using linedouble mode with the problematic setup? Anyway, interlaced modes are a bit hacky with AV3 so it might take some time until all such issues get ironed out.

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