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Calle W

BenQ G2400WD

SFC – works in both x2 and x3. Both generic and optimized x3 work.

480p x2 – tested with SSBM (Wii, using the official component cable). Works after setting analog sync Vth to 0 and then working your way up to 123mV. Once the picture pops up, it stays. No dropouts after 30 minutes of constant play. Sync LPF set to max.

Micomsoft SC-512N1-L/DVI

SFC – works in x2 and x3 without any issues as long as HDMI/DVI bandwidth is set to 125% in the driver. Optimized x3 does not work properly due to a color component issue.

480p x2 – Once again, tested with SSBM. Works without having to play with coast or Vth settings. Picture might drop out at times (.1s at most) when sync LPF is not on the max setting. Picture is very sharp. If desired, this can be reduced by setting the sharpness level below 32 in the driver settings. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

Be sure to set output color range to shrink in the driver and keep auto lev. ctrl on. Under signal colorimetry it will always say BT601 for some reason, but it records everything properly. When using the x3 mode and 480p x2 (after setting YPbPr input Color Space to Rec. 709 that is) it all comes out with accurate colors.

The card allows you to record at any frame rate. However, when recording N64 footage at 59.82, the audio desyncs (it starts getting ahead of the video) after about 30 minutes or so. After two hours the audio incredibly far ahead. This only happens when using the line in on the capture card itself. The driver says the refresh rate of the signal is 59.94Hz, but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. When routing the audio via a USB mixer, the audio seems to be synced at all times. I’m gonna record a long session today to try this out further.