0.73 can't bring up the menu for update.

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    I was an early adopter of the OSSC and love it, but all my attempts to update the firm ware ended with no luck.

    I’m currently stuck running .73. My original remote was lost but I ordered and received an official replacement. Used Etcher to get the .IMG on my SD card.

    The main problem seems to be that the menu button does nothing. No blinking green led, not change in screen, no change at all.

    Update downloaded from: https://www.niksula.hut.fi/~mhiienka/ossc/fw/

    Any help appreciated.


    No blinking led sounds like there has been an error when the remote was initially programmed. You can still rebind some other working key to menu function, just power on ossc while holding PCB BTN1.


    Thank you marqs. This seems to have more or less worked. Some buttons got programed and confirmed with no problems, others I have to do over and over again.

    Now it seems I need a 2 GB SD card because my current firm ware is so old. I ordered on Amazon, hopefully ever thing will work out when it arrives.

    Now back to my N64 RGB mod that is giving me head aches. \

    Thanks again,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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