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    TLDR – 1080i output would give a lag free and visually superior image than 480p and 720p. Making HD CRT more desirable and keeping them out of landfill and stuff.

    Would be good to have a 1080i output mode for use with 1080i native displays, such as HD CRTs. These screen have typically been overlooked due to digital processing adding input lag.

    For Sony models it’s been found that digital processing can be bypassed, resulting in zero lag. If the OSSC could output at 1080i it would give CRT lovers more reason to repurpose this type of CRT. 480p/720p from the OSSC may be compatible with these devices (720p doesn’t work from OSSC > Porta HDMI2COMP Converter, I think the converter is fussy with timings and this HD CRT model (KV-HR36M32) doesn’t have HDMI input) but they typically have higher input lag than 1080i and the TV upscaling is poor.

    540p has also been shown to be accepted by some HD CRTs and processed the same as 1080i – no input lag and visually superior to 480p and 720p.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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