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    Scott Hutchinson


    480p is great and the upscale option is out of this world, I love it.

    Now the issue, ive tried 3 different capture devices and non of them will accept the 480p from the tink M, be it passthrough or doubled up to what I believe is 1440p.

    I original though just 480p mode simply passed through but its got to be doing something to the signal. My 3 devices do support 480p and 480i line doubled works without issue.tried with og xbox and ps2 in 480p mode. The image displays on TV without issue, ive also gone from the tank straight into capture devices but same issue.

    Any ideas?

    Scott Hutchinson

    Ive just discovered something. I thought 480p was passed through even if the switch was set to 2x, ive flipped this to pass and now the capture device is seeing the signal.

    Could this be a bug that 480p signal is behaving weird if the 2x is turned on.


    480p x 2 isn’t supported on RetroTINK Pro MF, it’s pass through only.

    Scott Hutchinson

    If you press the filter utton on 480p content it does a 444 option.

    Also this happens when the tink is set to 2 x. The 480p signal works on TV but not on capture card. When switched to pass it works but the image looks worse on TV.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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