2X MULTI (Firmware 1.8) – Stuck on high-res 444 mode (Blue LED indicator)

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    I was never able to get 480p passthrough working for firmware versions 1.5-1.8. The image would consistently drop. The root cause was cheap component cables.

    Now since finally getting HD retrovision I can get 480p passthrough to work reliably for firmware 1.5-1.8.

    But the issue I have noticed now with firmware version 1.8 only is that it only gives high-res 444 mode (Blue LED indicator) for 840p pass-through content. Pressing the filter button does nothing.

    The default behavior is supposed to be a purple LED for 480p pass-through content. And then pressing the filter button is supposed to enable high-res 444 mode and change LED to blue. High-res 444 mode is not supposed to be remembered after a power cycle.

    It is as though the normal 480p pass-through mode (purple led) is not on this firmware. The fact that pressing the filter button work cycle to the other mode and the fact that when the device is powered on it doesnt have this mode.

    Has anyone else noticed this behavior with firmware 1.8? There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to resolve it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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