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    I have an older 1600×1200 LCD panel that I like very much. It has DVI and VGA inputs.

    If I plug my 2x pro in with a HDMI->DVI cable it works perfectly – no issues at all.

    However, if I plug my OSSC into it, I get no output and it appears to be a classic EDID problem – the old LCD panel is probably not sending EDID, or sending an old format of EDID and so the OSSC can’t display.

    My question is: what kind of extra sophistication does the retrotink 2x pro have that allows it to negotiate and send a proper signal to the monitor when it has no EDID coming to it and why can’t the OSSC do this same thing ? Why is the OSSC so dumb (compared to the retrotink) ?


    It’s not, OSSC does not care about EDID.

    Are you not even getting the grey test pattern on your monitor?


    Yes, that is correct – OSSC shows nothing at all on the monitor.

    The 2x pro works perfectly but the OSSC (and the 2x SCART) show no signal at all.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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