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    I use the OSSC mainly with my Saturn, and games often switch resolutions. For example, Thunder Force V uses 704×480 in the title screen and options, then 352×240 ingame, while the bootup sequence uses 320×240.

    In 352×240 mode, when using Line2x in HDMI, I get a lot of aliasing visible mostly on mesh patterns (checkerboard effect). This seems to be because in generic 4:3 mode the resolution is not correctly sampled for this resolution. If I switch OSSC from Generic 4:3 to 320×240 mode, then play with the advanced timing, I can get a pixel perfect output for 352x and 704x modes (from memory, H samplerate was around 454 for 352x mode, 908 for 704x mode).
    But of course then this mode will not work fine with 320×240, on the bootup of the console. There are only two such timing presets, 320×240 and 256×240. For the Saturn, a third is needed, 352×240. Playstation may need a fourth, 368px (I think Capcom 2d fighters may have used this).

    To alleviate this, would it be possible for the OSSC to recognize these modes and switch to the appropriate modes automatically?

    If this is possible, would it be also possible for the system to have automatic presets for any different recognized timing mode? Then I could set up pixel perfect output for all different resolutions the Saturn can output, of which there are plenty (around 24x 15KHz modes in total).

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