3x and up stopped working?

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    I have a 1.6 OSSC I got last July and was satisfied with it up until now. I can’t tell if my it’s TV or my OSSC, but line 4x stopped working. It detects the resolution and acts as if there is something there but there isn’t.
    This happens across all systems and even when a system has no switchers or anything between the signal. All systems are coming into the OSSC via component and information as usual is on the LCD.
    My TV is an element ELEFW328 and had seemed to pass with flying colors on all tests except for line 5x because its a 1080p TV, don’t know why it wouldn’t display the video anymore, or know why the OSSC would stop sending video in line 3x and 4x.


    Done a settings reset on your OSSC?


    Thanks for the idea as I hadn’t thought of it. Unfortunately no dice.


    So it works in x2 mode? In that case I suspect firmware update on your TV.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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