480i line2x doubling still showing as 720×480 on tv?

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    Hi All,

    Have a slightly strange issue with my OSSC, firmware 0.78a in that with the mode set to Line2x on the 480i/576i source, the output still seems to be only 720×480 but 60p on the TV.

    With the same source set to pass through the resolution is the same 720×480 but the ’60i’.

    The x3 mode doesn’t work for 480i which is understandable and just shows a blank black screen. Line4x works but doesnt show a resolution on tv info but can see clearly it has line doubled and taken effect. But the line2x mode seems to work as the picture changes from 60p to 60i but it doesn’t actually seem to double the output (either from appearance or what the tv info button shows its detecting the resolution at).
    Pass through works better overall in terms of looks but it doesn’t appear that the 2x mode is actually line doubling.

    The TV is a Samsung ue40f6400ak and seems happy with 240p sources at 2x/3x/4x/5x.

    Any ideas? Appreciate there are differences in what will work on what tv etc, but conaidering the 960 resolution doesn’t seem to be uncompatible with ths tv (can get 240p sources to show as 960), concerned this mode or the unit may have an issue.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


    The console input in question was a Dreamcast via rgb scart (not vga) but seems same on other 480 sources too.

    Is it possible for a tv to revert to 720×480 and show that resolution even if the ossc should be putting out a 960 signal?

    Would have thought it would have either not worked completely, doubled ok but not been able to give info on the resolution (like it does for 480 line4x)..this seems to be be working but not doing any line doubling in this case?


    I don’t see anything wrong. As far as I understand: a 720×480@60i frame contains two interleaved fields with 720×240 pixels each. Since the OSSC isn’t a HQ deinterlacer, in Line2x-Mode it simply separates those interleaved fields (resulting in 720×240@60p) and doubles their height ( -> 720×480@60p) = simple Bob Deinterlacing.

    According to:


    … for 480i the Line4x-Mode should result in a 960p output.


    Thanks Morpheus, that makes perfect sense. My fault for a lack of knowledge on how 480i works!

    Have just tried a component 480p source and thr line2x feature does work, tv isnt sure of the resolution but it shows it. The picture is a bit less bright and a slight green tinge but think thats the TVs colour scheme for pc vga type sources more than anything. Can probably play with that. Passthrough seems to be best option in terms of looks for 480i/480p anyway.

    Thanks again for your help.

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