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    Hi there, just very interested on achieving 60Hz on my PAL PS1 with PAL games, is it possible maybe with a DFO or something like the SuperCIC does?

    I already know that on PAL megadrives the DFOs are used ro fine adjust the console to 60Hz, would make it sense on PS1? And a PAL SNES with SuperCIC installed?



    There were some boot discs that could force 60hz on PAL games but with limited success. Probably just better to find 60hz versions of the games you’re interested in.

    You can region free mod a PS1 but you can’t force games into 50 or 60hz with a SuperCIC style mod, you’d have to use a boot disc.


    Why this console scene is so poor T___T
    I want to play my original spanish games, on my language but with 60Hz… They look so slow on the regular mode sometimes ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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