Accidentally plugged 12V – Burned?

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    I bought this amazing little machine a few months ago and it has worked prefect…until today :/

    Accidentally i connected 12v power (i have several DC adapters with the same plug and one of then has 12V output).
    The display started to flash and in matter of seconds i powered it down. I pluged in the correct adapter (5V), but the OSSC is totally dead.

    I opened it to check if there was any obvious faulty and I saw a suspicious area:

    OSSC Burned – Overview
    Check the area around the red circle lays my suspicion….

    OSSC Burned – Close up
    I don’t know what this is, but it might be flux from the manufacturing….or something has went quite hot here.

    OSSC Burned – Cleaned
    I cleaned up the mess with isopropanol.
    It look really nice and i’m almost about to hesitate…..but i took a couple more photos with better lighting och focus:

    OSSC Burned – Cleaned, better lighting

    If it’s just the capacitor (C93) that have been burned, what values should i look for?


    EDIT: Just forgot -> you should check first if the F1 fuse isn’t blown…

    C93 & C31 are both 10µF capacitors. C93 could be broken. But afaik they seem to work as decoupling capacitors – so even if one of them (or both) are broken you should still see the unit powering up. It’s more likely the U5 regulator you’ve fried, since it’s rated for a maximum input voltage of around 6-6.5V… so you should measure if only the middle and the heatsink pin are connected to ground and if it outputs 3.3V.

    U5 is a bit tricky to desolder (since the display is nearby) but it is an inexpensive part to replace:

    After replacing it you should make sure all the 8 smaller regulators (U6, U7 etc.) aren’t fried and (therefore) shorted to ground too before powering up the OSSC again.


    I burned the F1 fuse, with a 12v power supply (there is a mistake).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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