Advanced timing tweaker: 'Save settings' doesn't seem to save

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    Hi there, guys.

    I didn’t immediatedly notice it, but I’ve seen this subject being brough up on SHMUPS forums, today, which reminded me of the same experience I had with my OSSC.
    Basically, Mega Drive games didn’t seem to keep the correct centering I tweaked via some H/V backporch lenght adjustments. Turning off and on again the OSSC actually reset those changes, whereas every other one got saved (video mode, scanlines, mask..). Since I didn’t have time to set everything up yet, I just forgot about it, until now.

    Is it a normal behaviour? Or is there a way to actually save Advanced timing tweaker settings too, along with everything else?
    Thanks in advance!


    Sounds like a bug to me, Marqs what do you think?


    If I remember correctly, those in Advanced timing tweaker are the only settings that are placed in a sub-folder… Can it be the Save fuction only works on a main-folder level?


    Those settings are not yet saved – I think it was mentioned in fw release notes but most have probably missed it. The purpose is to include them as part of a profile along with other settings, so they would be saved as well. Profile support itself is slated for next release.


    Thanks for replying, marqs. Very much appreciated. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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