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    What do you think ?
    Probably for a new hardware revision with DisplayPort. Using DP will also “fix” the HDMI “issue” on the OSSC.

    Afaik DP is Royalty-free vs HDMI ($10,000 per high-volume manufacturer plus $0.04 per device).
    However, you need to be a VESA member OR purchase the standards ( /
    I’m sure that members will help you to purchase a licence if necessary.

    Also, it’s an interesting challenge ;).


    DisplayPort is certainly something to consider if there’ll be a new model some time in the future. Adaptive sync in itself would not be useful as consoles output at fixed refresh rate, but utilizing it should force compatible monitors to a mode where non-standard input refresh rates would not cause judder that these monitors might otherwise suffer from.


    Yeah that would be potentially useful for consoles like Neo Geo or Amiga which have quite off spec refresh rates, assuming Gsync/Freesync and the like let you control refresh down to such a granular level?


    Lets not talk about Gsync, it’s proprietary and you need nvidia gpu + monitor with an nvidia scaler built in…

    Freesync range is 9–240 Hz.
    Refresh rate depend on the monitor Freesync range (for example, it can be 35-70Hz).


    Yeah but can you go 60.03hz or could you only got 60 or 61, for example?


    I can’t speak for Freesync but with G-Sync it’s absolutely amazing for retro gaming.

    I purchased a new monitor the Acer Predator XB241H which has Displayport for G-Sync and HDMI. I can verify that over a DVI2HDMI cable, this monitor does support linetriple mode with the Sega Saturn. I’ll make a new video soon with the OSSC and this monitor.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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