Amiga A1200 5X upscaling glitched output.

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    I recently acquired a PAL region Amiga A1200 computer. Iā€™m seeing an unusual glitch when using 5X upscaing with it. The OSSC syncs fine with a green light, but the output video is a frozen screen of digital garbage. This happens with both SCART and VGA input. The pass-through and 2X, 3X, and 4X modes all work fine. 5X mode also works fine with my NTSC consoles and arcade boards-this seems to be a unique Amiga problem. Pictures of the TV output and OSSC info displays in the link.

    Any suggestions?


    ahh the amiga, possibly the biggest downer i had using the ossc, though not a disaster.

    i use a samsung tv with scart all hooked up in x2 and is fine, though apart from slight colour improvement i see no difference at all from scart to tv. it is working with x5 but the image is stretched and distorted.

    using 3.1 workbench and 3.0 roms monitor types are limited.. also only have pal high res, pal high res interlace and ntsc with interlace. through the ossc it does no deinterlacing at all, passthrough mode as well .. odd. with scart straight to tv i get nice deinterlacing.

    my only hunch is the monitor types and the drivers for these.


    i see no difference at all from scart to tv.

    Whaaaaat? šŸ™‚ My CD32 works great here, but I don’t really use 5x as I only have a 1080p TV. Although a lot of Amiga games underscan quite a bit so I could see that it might work well a lot of the time.


    In every situation the ossc has improved the picture, x4 on the consoles works like charm! I can only get x2 working on my a1200, it’s nice and crisp but it really isn’t a huge improvement for me over scart to tv .. need a way to do a screen grab to show my point šŸ™‚

    That said, with low strength scanlines does darken my picture perfectly, seems my cable displays the image a little on the bright side.

    Wish I had a solution for the op here, my issue is in workbench, I guess he may get garbage from boot up which indicates a possible tv incompatability than a monitor type driver issue.


    On my TV and 2x1600x1200 monitors I have tested, only x2 works on the TV, I get no image on my monitors… Have not had the time to test anything but default setting and x doubling.

    I have one ASUS 24″ LED FreeSync VG245Q, and it supports the AmigaRGB->VGA. The OSSC provides better picture for games and demos and work up to x5, but since it’s 1080P only x4 is correct. In workbench however I have to disable my monitors and run Pal Highres or lower.

    On my projector, I have a VSX-LX70 receiver before the Projector and all X modes up to x5 works flawless. The Projector is only 1080P and x5 is outside the picture on top/bottom, as expected.

    I have never EVER seen a better looking Amiga picture than on my 135″ projector screen with the OSSC at X4!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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