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    I’m trying to get my amstrad to work with the BenQ 912 monitor.

    If I connect it via hdmi (and ossc) to my samsung tv it works fine.

    If I cannect it via a hdmi to dvi adapter to my Benq 912 I get a blank screen.

    I’m a newbie with the OSSC so if any help could be given to get this working I’d be grateful.

    Setup is: Amstrad cpc via Scart to OSSC to hdmi to hdmi adapter to Benq BL912.



    Could be one of a number of things.

    First thing, though; what kind of video mode is the OSSC outputting, and does your monitor actually support it? From what little I understand of the Amstrad, it outputs at or about 50Hz, which the OSSC won’t modify; and what documentation I found for the BenQ BL912 (the resolution document, specifically) suggests that it doesn’t support 50Hz.

    If your monitor does support 50Hz, then I would think that the output of the Amstrad is too off-spec for the monitor. What does the LCD on the OSSC report when your Amstrad is powered on?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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