Amstrad GX4000 and the OSSC

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    Hopefully someone can assist me with this as I have some questions.

    I live in the United States, and am interested in getting an Amstrad GX4000 Gaming console. However, since it is a PAL console, and not NTSC, it poses some potential issues.

    I do have an OSSC, and I also have a Framemeister, with a Euro Scart adapter. The Amstrad GX4000 has an 8 pin Din Connector, and also a Scart port as well.

    So my first issue is, since I live in the United States, would I be able to plug this thing into my OSSC with a Scart cable and not have any issues on my NTSC TV since this is a Pal console? I’m basically curious if I can use the OSSC to bypass some potential issues.

    Also, would I need a specific Scart cable? Or can anyone recommend a specific 8 pin din to scart cable that would work with the Amstrad GX4000? I do have this Scart to Scart cable here, which I intended to connect via an gscartsw. But would the cable at the following link work?

    Second is the power. I’m not really sure what to do here on this. Some folks mention a step up/step down inverter, but that seems a bit expensive in comparison to finding a power supply with adapters. From what I understand, some folks are saying I need an AC Adapter with the following stats: 9V 750mA/1A with a 5.5mm/2.1mm connector, positive on centre. Would anyone have some suggestions link wise? Or would something like this work?

    If someone has an Ac Adapter suggestion for US electrical outlets, from a retailer in the US I’m all ears. Links would be awesome if anyone has a suggestion.

    Any guidance and advice that can be provided is immensely appreciated. Thank you Everyone.


    With the OSSC, the refresh rate you feed in is what comes out, so you feed in PAL you get PAL out of the DVI/HDMI. Therefore, your TV/display must support PAL for this to work.

    I wouldn’t bother with a stepup/down if you can just replace the power brick/wall wart. I’ve never owned a GX4000 so I don’t know what it uses but if you’ve done your research right that PSU should work. Beware of very cheap PSUs as they can add picture noise.

    The SCART cable you linked to is just a SCART to SCART. Would work for going from GScart to OSSC of course.


    Hmmm, blegh. Not so good. my 32 inch LED HDTV does not support PAL Signals. Not sure about my LG 42LD520. It goes up to 120 HZ for the refresh rate and has a PC mode as well.

    Since the OSSC Will just feed in Pal and Output Pal for it’s signal, would the XRGB Mini, the Frame Meister, work instead as a sort of PAL to NTSC Converter? Or would I need to still get specialized equipment to convert the signal from PAL to NTSC? If so, is there one you would recommend for this specific scenario that won’t introduce any input lag?

    Ideally, I’d like to keep everything focused on the OSSC since the support has been great and it has no Frame Buffer. The less potential input lag I have to deal with, by far the better.


    You can’t convert PAL50hz to NTSC60hz without introducing input lag and picture stutter.

    If you have a Framemeister already you can try it’s 50hz output modes see if your TV will handle them.

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