Anyone want to dump their programmed L336 remote flash chip? (raspberry pi)

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    I am doing the DIY kit, and I realized that I have no way to get the IR codes onto my L336 remote that I ordered from aliexpress. I cracked it open and lo and behold it’s just a simple I2C flash chip.

    I have managed to dump the chip using a raspberry pi and a SOIC-8 test clip.

    If someone would be so kind as to dump their flash chip, I would greatly appreciate it. Additionally, it would be a great asset to have as a download for those who are technically inclined to program their own remote.

    If anyone is willing and has the equipment (raspberry pi and some way to hook 4 wires to a SOIC-8 chip, solder or clip), I can provide instructions on how to do so.


    Once I got my OSSC running I can help you with that. I got an old raspberry pi model B. Finding proper clips or soldering wires should not be a problem.


    Awesome!!! I’ll post some instructions later tonight.


    OK sorry for the delay in these instructions.

    1. Remove remote batteries
    2. Use some kind of spudger or plastic tool to go around the edge and open the remote (all plastic clips, careful not to break them)
    3. There are 2 chips, locate the flash, it should be a 24C16N (If it’s not a 16 we can probably still dump it just different command)
    4. Take your pi, turn on the i2c bus in sudo rasbpi-config, reboot.
    5. Get the i2c tools: sudo apt-get install i2c-tools
    6. Pinout is:
      • 4 – GND
      • 5 – SDA
      • 6 – SCL
      • 8 VCC
    7. Hook up 4 wires to pi with a clip or by solder
    8. pi pinout:
    9. pin 1 is 3.3V, pin 3 is SDA, pin 5 is SCL, pin 6 is GND on pi
    10. run sudo i2cdetect -y 0, you should see addresses 50 through 57 light up in the output.
    11. dump the flash: for i in 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57; do sudo ./eeprog /dev/i2c-0 0x$i -r 0:256 -f -o 0x$i-2.bin; done
    12. zip up all the 0x5*.bin files, upload em somewhere, and I’ll let you know if it works!

    Edit: Here’s a datasheet:


    That seems like a round about way to do it? Have you tried just trying to sync your remote to the OSSC?
    Just hold down Button 1 (the one closest to the LCD) on your OSSC as you turn on the power, you LCD will then give you instructions on which button to press, I synced my Yamaha receiver remote without any problems.

    Also you can try the automated programming for brands etc of the remote, the OSSC uses NEC standard AFAIK


    Maybe that will work then, I don’t have my OSSC complete yet. I just got the HDMI chip today, just waiting on the cyclone… Then I will be able to mess around with it. It was fun to screw around with the remote while I’m anxiously waiting 🙂


    Ah yeah =D just got mine up and running a few days ago 😛


    Ok, my Cyclone finally came in and I completed my OSSC. After spending an hour trying to find a basically invisible short on one of the 3.3v lines (thanks for the pictures of the PCB traces, they were very helpful!!!), my OSSC is working great!

    I’ve now realized how stupidly easy it is to program the OSSC to the remote, so you’re right, this is basically useless! I just used my tv remote to find a code set that the OSSC responds to, then I used that to program my L336 remote button by button.

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