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    I’ve recently purchased an Apple II VGA scaler card which is designed to output a VGA compatible signal from my Apple IIe computer.

    I’ve tested with a direct connection to a standard DELL LCD and, after an auto scan, the picture comes in fine (a little skewed to the left, but works).

    When attached to the OSSC, the signal registers as RGBHV, 521P, 31.39khz 60.25hz…unfortunately I’m getting alternating blank screen/not supported on my Insignia branded TV (which seems to work fine for other modes).

    Has anyone tried this configuration and been successful? Is this simply an incompatibility with my TV or an unsupported OSSC configuration?

    It seems to be trying 640×384 mode by default.

    Thanks in advance!


    Have you tried pass-thru and line2x for the 384p output modes? What is the isignia model number? It would need to support 1024×768 in order to support 384p line2x.

    Does the Dell have a DVI or HDMI input, that you could test the OSSC output on it?


    Hi NoAffinity,

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

    It was indeed a limitation of my really old (720P) Insignia LCD TV…apparently it couldn’t handle 1280X768 res.

    I hooked up to my 4K Sceptre, and no problems. In fact it worked on either pass-thru or line2x.

    Thanks again!


    Which Apple2 scaler was it out of interest? RGB options for the Apple 2 series seem hard to come by.


    It was purchased from

    They are the only manufacturer of this type of device that I’m aware of. And, it is OOS quite often. I watched the site for months until one was available…


    521P is not quite standard 525-line VGA signal, so that probably explains why your TV rejects it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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