Arcade PCB Sync Issue

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    I’m trying to get direct capture with the OSSC from a Donkey Kong arcade PCB. I have a SCART RGBS cable from the board itself going to the OSSC.
    Sometimes the board perfectly syncs with the OSSC, other times I get this weird flickering issue that just wont go away.

    DK Sync

    When I do get a stable sync, this is what is shown after hitting the info button the remote-
    VMod: 240p
    LC: 264
    VSM: 2

    Any suggestions for any settings I could adjust that would fix this problem?


    Does cycling to another input and then back again help?


    Games/systems using solely odd-field signaling (identified by VSM 2) are problematic for the digitizer chip in OSSC. The only way to get them to sync reliably is to use VGA port instead of SCART. That’s fairly easy with arcade boards as they provide TTL composite sync.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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