Aspect Ratio error in 3x/4x modes

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    Hey there, just wondering if there was any kind of sampling setting or etc to address this issue –

    Basically, I just got a new Sony OLED tv, and it’s great, but it’s not quite as understanding of dated video modes as my old TCL was. I think pretty much if it’s an off-spec 4:3 signal like 480ix4, it assumes it’s widescreen and treats it as such. Outputting it straight up is quite small in the middle of the screen, but then zooming it results in ugly uneven scanline patterns, which drive me insane. Likewise for 480ix3, it sees the same amount of data as 720p and just makes a straight up widescreen 720p image.

    Is this something that can be addressed by a setting on the OSSC or is it basically entirely dependent on the display? I know that LG’s OLEDs have much more flexibility and options for forcing aspect ratio but I honestly like everything else about this TV, and could probably be content just using 2x/5x until the OSSC Pro comes out with it’s enhanced scaling options.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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