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    I was wondering if with Tim’s N64 rgb mod, a csync SNES SCART cable from retrogaming, and firmware 0.83, why the OSSC does not receive a signal when I turn on my N64. The tech. who did the mod said it was probably the everdrive I am using. But assuming the mod and cables are correct, shouldn’t I get an rgb signal to the ossc rather than no signal, even if the everdrive is not set up properly?


    It’s been a while since I’ve tested, but I believe you get a black screen if you start the console with no cartridge installed. If the EverDrive is known-good, it shouldn’t cause a complete loss of video. Have you tried with a regular game pak?

    First thing I’d do is make sure that the Jump/Expansion Pak is installed and properly seated; a missing or disconnected Jump/Expansion Pak might cause similar behavior to what you’re seeing. And then make sure that the input on the OSSC is set to AV1-RGBS.

    Failing that, try the console with a regular cartridge and a composite video cable, just to see if the console is working. If you don’t have a composite input handy, or if it’s just more convenient to do so, you can hook the composite video lead into the Green/Y input on AV2 on the OSSC, and change inputs on the OSSC to AV2-YPbPr. If composite video is working, you’ll get a black and white image. (This is, of course, assuming that your modder didn’t cut the trace for composite video to repurpose the composite video output for clean composite sync.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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