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    A little while back I made a post requesting help with the OSSC and a capture card, with traveling for work for weeks on end it got buried and I thought to have solved my problem. But alas I did not…

    I purchased another capture card, once that was guaranteed to work with the OSSC, because it was recommended by three people, and I was watching a streamer I know use it. It’s a LGX, the Live Gamer Extreme by Avermedia. And it DOES work.


    There are problems. I’ve watched my friend stream with it and it works beautifully, I have two SNES I tried, and neither one will stop the constant chopping and lagging, and the dang audio won’t even load. I’ve reset the OSSC to basic settings and tinkered with everything and I just can’t get it to work. I had NO audio at all, and a choppy picture for awhile. Trying to fix the audio I lost the picture stability and when I finally got audio it was from setting the card to Desktop audio. I cut stream after 2 hours of tinkering with it, trying to get it to work and put on my RGB modded N64, and the N64 has PERFECT audio. But the picture is completely distorted and nothing but lines.

    Both systems (2 SNES and a N64) only work on I believe it is 720×480

    I have basically no knowledge of what every setting in the OSSC does, I know how to set it to RGB mode, and also set it to LineX2 but that is about the extent. I have a feeling the solution to this is simply me not having the knowledge but at this point I’m upset and broken… I’ve bought 3 cards now. The first is a PCIe one and my computer (this one I purchased) actually has the wrong board in it than what was listened and doesn’t have a open PCIe slot, the second was the Avermedia Portable 2, which I was told worked and it did not. And now the LGX, which is “working” but working is a stretch. I’ve invested over $500 easily now into this and I feel like I’ve gotten nowhere. I was psyched for the OSSC with how much I travel, in hotels weeks at a time for work I could take my monitor or play on the hotel TV, but I can’t stream with it through any of the three systems I had for the games I run…

    Please help 🙁

    To note, ALL three systems work perfectly fine with just the OSSC on my Secptre monitors and my Vizio TV….


    Hmm, for the SNES it may be that a dejitter mod is required.

    Possibly a dumb question but are you sure your PC is up to the spec required by the capture device too?


    I did see that last night, but both SNES I have are doing the same thing, would it really be that? Also I still had a lot of trouble with the N64 picture not loading but the audio being perfect which threw me for a complete loop. Someone recommended local recording to see if that fixes the problem and if it’s just a OBS studio problem, but even local recording I’m having a problem. Also, I have a decently good gaming PC, I’ll try the capture card in my Predator when I get home but the only difference is the 16gb od ram and not 8gb.

    I just sent get it, the ossc is amazing by itself, but the recording and streaming is the pain here that is making me regret ever buying it….


    SNES need dejitter mod. All models. Depending on your display, you may have better luck with a wider range of line multiplication modes, or not at all. For me, my monitors were more forgiving than my capture devices.

    The N64 shouldn’t be an issue, tho. But again, it may be an incompatibility issue with your display. Try FBX’s optimzations for the N64. They are great for the SNES, and all systems he has represented, but again your SNES’ will need the dejitter mod in order to improve compatibility.


    All of the USB 3 capture cards have very specific USB chipset requirements, too. Make sure that the brand of USB used on your computer matches the requirements or you will get nothing but trouble.

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