Audio distort every few seconds, fps issue?

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    Hello, thank you in advance for any help you can throw my way, I’m several hundred dollars deep and pulling my hair out.

    Basically, my setup is OSSC -> Blackmagic Intensity 4K Capture Card. I have tested two consoles, a Wii and a PS2, that both have an audio distortion every few seconds. You can hear it perfectly in this clip two separate times. The wii is connected through component, the ps2 is connected through SCART.

    I believe the issue here is that the OSSC is outputting 59fps but the capture card is trying to capture 29.97fps. I have seen issues before where when the framerate doesn’t match up you get this crackle effect with my frameister. The issue is that the capture card refuses to try any other fps, even through its own software or OBS I can’t get picture unless I select 720×486 at 29.97fps or “device default” and I have no idea what frame rate it is defaulting to.

    So, Long story short, is there a way to test different FPS through the OSSC, a way to force my capture card to match the input’s fps, or can you recommend a capture card that will 100% work with any fps and resolutions, since I’ll be using a lot of different consoles from a lot of different eras.

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