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    Hello !

    I want my Xbox and my Wii to feed sound via Jack 3.5mm connectors in the same port (AV2), I have a small Jack connector (2 females to 1 male) but the sound is cut in half (maybe even more).

    What should I buy ? I read that I would need something called “TRS” or “TRRS”, is that correct ?

    I’m not knowledgeable when it comes to sound. I would prefer something passive if possible, a small adapter would be awesome.

    Thanks in advance !


    I’m surprised the volume gets cut unless they are both on at the same time.

    TRS and TRRS are just descriptions of the connector structure Tip-Ring-Sleeve (or 2 Ring for TRRS). The standard 3.5mm audio connector you see on headphone cables or the y connector you are using is a TRS connector. If you want to ensure isolation you need to use a 2 (or more) in to 1 out switch.

    I assume you are maybe using component Y-Pb-Pr for both consoles, how are you switching between the video? It’s rare to see a component switch without any audio ports as well.


    In fact, the sound coming from the Wii is normal WHEN my Xbox is also turned on !

    I’m planning on using my Extron System 4 LDxi which is a switcher / line doubler. The audio ports are Phoenix type (I think it’s what they’re called) and I could buy adapters here : https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/audio-video-accessories/STEREO-SOUND-RCA-PHONO-TO-PHOENIX-5-WAY-ADAPTER-FOR-EXTRON-MATRIX-300-SWITCH

    But it would cost me £15 including shipping when a Y splitter/combiner could do the same for less than a fifth of the price. I’m waiting for BNC to RCA adapters to arrive, I’m not even sure yet I’m going to use the Extron LDxi. The last time I used it, I was a bit disappointed with the results (but back then I was hoping to use it as a line doubler but now I’m just planning on using it as a simple switcher).

    “If you want to ensure isolation you need to use a 2 (or more) in to 1 out switch.” So a TRRS would do the trick ?


    I do think it’s less common to see component switchers without audio, but they do exist.

    I recommend a component switcher with audio. You shouldn’t use Y cables, as current can leak into the audio circuit of the other console (probably the half-volume problem you were experiencing), and having both consoles playing audio can put more current into the OSSC’s audio circuit than it expects.

    Personally, I use an Audio Authority 1154A, which has automatic switching and also handles TOSLINK (currently PS2, Xbox, and non-HDMI Xbox 360).


    “having both consoles playing audio can put more current into the OSSC”
    Okay, nice job, you scared me… ^-^

    I’ll use the Phoenix ports on the Extron LDxi if the picture is good or I’ll skip it and look after a proper component switcher with audio. I won’t use those Y adapters in that direction (2 plugs going to the OSSC)

    Thanks guys !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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