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    I apologize if this was already answered somewhere and I just suck at searching.

    As I understand it the audio upgrade board outputs digital audio through the DVI connector, but I don’t understand how to actually output this as HDMI.

    Since DVI is a video-only format I didn’t think the HDMI audio channels in a DVI-to-HDMI adapter were actually connected to anything. Do I need to buy a special DVI-to-HDMI cable, or modify the one I have? Or does this somehow just magically work?


    There are no separate audio line / wires in an HDMI cable defined. The audio signal is embedded in between of the video signal. Hence no additional work at the DVI connector is needed. You probably just need a passive DVI-to-HMDI adapter / cable.
    If your input device is able to handle HDMI signaling then it will works. If your receiving device has a legacy DVI-D input it won’t work.

    See also here:


    I’d love to know who started these rumours that DVI cables can’t carry audio 🙂 I’ve been doing audio over DVI cables for years on the PC.


    Well, I can tell you for my part that I didn’t hear a rumor, I just made assumptions. Ever since graduating from coax, every AV connector I’ve used had discrete conductors for audio, I would never have guessed that the audio was “muxed” with the video in HDMI. Thanks so much for dispelling my ignorance and for the links!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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