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    I recently bought an OSSC here and it’s working perfectly.
    But now that I’m getting more of my consoles RGB modded, I’m searching for a good Scart switcher. I already read the article about switchers on this website and found that the Hama AV 100s would be the best value-price option for me.
    Though I recently found an automatic Scart switcher from Hama, the AV 300 Automatic. I also found an automatic version of the Bandridge switcher, the SVB7733.

    Now my question is first, wether to buy an automatic switcher over a manual switcher. Is there any common disadvantage with automatic switchers?
    And if any of have experience with any of the above automatic switchers, could you maybe give a short summary of your experience with the device in terms of picture quality, sound and behaviour?


    I would be very careful going automatic. Every automatic switch I’ve owned has had issues one way or another. Even SuperG had to spend a long time debugging the Gscart because of auto switching issues.


    Hello @mrdlink,
    I can confirm @buckoa51 advice, I recently received an Hama AV 300 Automatic: the input RGB signal seems to be detected properly (from my PS2 for example, moving the input scart to the 3 different inputs, I can see the led indicating the right input), the SCART output is recognized by my OSSC as a proper RGB signal but I just got a black screen out of the OSSC. I have 3 other similar but manual versions from different brands (Gefolec, Speaka and Snap), they all work great without too much quality loss.
    Brandrige switches have a good reputation but I haven’t managed to catch one so far.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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