bad hdmi output, purple color

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    Hi all,

    I recently received an OSSC 1.6, which worked perfectly on day 1. When I got it I immediately tested it with my NTSC-J Saturn, connected it with an RGB-cable from RGC. Results were amazing, tested a few 2D games and I was very much impressed. I did this test on the tv in my gameroom which has always worked perfectly.
    The day after, I wanted to test my PS2 with component cable, so I hooked everything up and I got a very bad image. The menu for starters looked kinda purple. When I went into OPL (the ps2 has fmcb) it got even worse, very bad image and there was this green color moving all over the screen, sort of like a wave and flickering.
    At first I thought the OSSC didn’t like the cable, it was cheap, although it worked great before, connected to a cheap component-to-hdmi converter.
    So I decided to try the OG Xbox, also with component cable (not so cheap, but not a big brand either) and I got the same results. Green color going all over the menu screen, too much purple in some colors.
    Then I thought bad connectors on the OSSC maybe? So I started up the Saturn again connected to the AV1 with the RGC RGB-cable, booting into the menu, same problem… Purple color, bad image quality. Which was weird since it worked perfectly the day before.
    Last option, HDMI-cable. I tried 5 different ones, from cheap ones to high quality ones, to cables that came with the hardware (Sony, Samsung, Microsoft etc.). Didn’t solve anything.
    Then I moved everything into the living room, and hooked the OSSC up to our new Samsung smart-tv but the problem still remained which leads to think the problem being a faulty OSSC? And I think the HDMI port in general, or a bad connection on the PCB that gave after first usage?
    When I get the test pattern, some of the colors are purple and they show as bars instead of a nice gradient (which is what I think it should normally be?).
    I also upgraded to firmware 0.84-aud (original firmware was 0.82a), which solved a compatibility issue with my tv in my gameroom but not the bad output (had to set output to DVI to work, after fw upgrade HDMI works).

    1st day image, Jap Saturn with RGC RGB through OSSC

    2nd day image, PAL PS2 with component through OSSC

    PAL PS2 with component through cheap component-to-hdmi converter

    OSSC test image


    Out of curiosity, where did you buy the OSSC from?


    Local retrogaming shop. Was actually looking for something else and stumbled upon the OSSC instead, I was mostly just curious.
    I Found out about VGP afterwards (when troubleshooting the problem), and that there are different ‘models’ of the OSSC out there.
    I don’t know if or how you can tell you have the real deal or one of the cheap ones?


    If the shop had several units and were selling them as new, my gut assumption would be that they ordered a bunch of cheap, garbage ones sourced from Ali Express. I’d ask the shop, because I think VGP and this one guy in Australia have been the only proper sources for new OSSCs.

    Beyond knowing where it was sourced from, I think it’s kind of hard to tell. Someone else might be able to provide a better answer, but you might be able to get an idea by getting a good look at the PCB, or sharing clear photos. If the board looks dirty, or the solder looks like it’s corroded or hazy, or someone can confirm the components used aren’t correct–any of that would lead me to believe that it wasn’t sourced from VGP.


    If you bought it from a proper physical shop, surely they have a return policy, regardless of where they source their units.


    It’s a small shop in town (I’m from Belgium), his stock is what he scores from local sites or what people bring in. It rarely has any real good stuff, but once in a while you can find a rare gem for cheap.
    This was the only unit he had, it was unused but sold it cheap since it was pre-owned. As far as I could tell from his information he did not know all that much about it.
    I might just return it and get my money back, but I’m trying to up my soldering skills and this sort of stuff does interest me, so maybe I’ll keep it and try to fix it if I can find out what is wrong with it. If I do keep it I’ll take it apart and take some pictures but I’m inclined to think it’s not gonna be a VGP OSSC.
    Either way I will likely order an OSSC from VGP when they’re in stock 🙂

    Could the problem be due to bad soldering? Maybe if I check them and resolder where needed?

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