Best N64 settings?

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    Been trying to get the best settings for my N64. Some games look really crisp but some other games look too pixelated.

    So the settings I tried was H.samplerate 387, H.synclen 22, H.backporch 34.

    The text in some games (like Supercross 2000) is pixelated.

    I have a 512×240 optimized profile for the PS1 and it looks much cleaner.

    Any way to fix it or am I just out of luck?


    Some games use 640×240 resolution so for those you would need to use 512×240 optimized with H.samplerate 773 and 640


    sorry that im a week or two late lol

    everything looks fine now! thanks!


    Sorry for bumping but I’m having a bit of a problem for 320×240 games. Half of the screen is quite sharp yet the other has a bit of noise.

    Look at the text. There’s a little noise on the side.

    My settings for 320×240 games are this:
    H. Samplerate – 387
    H. synclen – 22
    H. backporch – 34
    H. active – 320
    Sampling Phase – 22 deg

    Any help? Thanks!


    With the new firmware 0.83 you should be able to correct this with H.samplerate 386 and H. s.rate adj 3 or 4.


    i’m a few weeks late since i just found my n64 after moving

    its still a bit noisy but setting the h samplerate to 386 with the H. s.rate adj set to 1 was the “sharpest”. 2 3 and 4 added noise. not sure what im doing wrong but it could be the n64’s blur as far as i know 😛

    edit: changing sampling phase to 281 and changing h s rate adj to 3 seems to mostly fix it although there might still be a bit of noise and yada yada


    Looks like you’re having slow transition issues. Both sides of the letters have an equal shadow so the sampling is correct.

    Try to disable Video LPF (not Sync LPF) and tweaking sampling phase. I’m guessing you have a N64 modded with a 7314 amp which has an LPF so it could caused by having both LPF enabled.

    BTW you should tweak the R/G/B gains because the white background is a bit dark. The white color here should be around 248.

    EDIT: Here’s the result I get with a 7314 amp, Video LPF off and Luma sync cable


    yeah i’m using the 7314 mod

    looks like i got it. thanks man!


    Hello guys!

    First my English is not the best, i am from austria. I hope you understand me and can help me out.

    I had my NUS-001 (EUR) N64 console RGB modded and bought an ossc. I connected the N64 with an RGB scart cable to AV1 at the ossc and only get a black picture where after a few seconds the game picture briefly flickers and then immediately turns black again. it repeats itself over and over again. i pressed the red button 1 on the remote control, which i think is correct. Can someone please help me get this to work? I updated the firmware to the current one.

    Please help 🙂


    Which RGB mod did you install? If it was e.g Borti’s, are you sure you configured the jumpers correctly for your cable?

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