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    I’m struggling to get the most accurate, sharpest timings for NTSC J SFC and NTSC J MD

    My TV (LG 42lh35fd) supports all modes (by renaming input to PC on TV, TV is set to 16:9) and I have tried the following:

    – x5 mode at 1080p – Looks really good but I dont like the cropping of top and bottom
    – x5 mode at 1920×1200 – doesnt look as sharp, how best to increase sharpness? Is this a pixel perfect 1:1 mode for the SNES?
    – x5 mode at 256×240 optim = this looks sharp but the colours/pixels looks blotchy. How can this be improved? Aspect ratio for this looks the same as x5 mode at 1920×1200?

    I’m looking for the most pixel accurate settings that fills as much screen real estate and is sharp as a tack

    Can people post their best SNES settings?

    Thanks in advance


    1920×1200 is really only suitable for higher resolution monitors and 4K TVs since your panels maximum resolution is 1080p

    For optimal timings see


    Sorry Bucko but thats not really answered any of my questions.

    I’ve looked at those timings but they dont really help me fix the blotchy/strange pixels in x5 mode at 256×240 optimum.

    If I set it to x5 mode at 256×240 optim, what OSSC settings will fix the picture?

    I have tried adjusting Horizontal samplerate until I dont get a picture any longer but it never seems to improve the picture


    In x5 mode at 1920×1200:


    In x5 mode at 256×240 optim, notice where I’ve circled:


    What settings are everyone else using for SNES?


    Again 5x mode won’t work properly on your TV at 1920×1200 because your using a 1920×1080 panel.


    It looks like you are using reverse LPF on that 256×240 optimized picture? For SNES you should keep the samplerate at default 341 and adjust the sample phase until its sharp.

    Some people had to change Video LPF for the sharpest image:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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