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    two weeks ago I botched a 1chip SNES SuperCIC and Dejitter mod installation (I’ve tweeted with Matt back then). Well, I’ve set everything straight and reinstalled just the SuperCIC and it looks like there’s still something not quite right, graphics are completely garbled and I fear I’ve fried… something.

    Is this SNES salvagable or do I need to write it off? Any idea what causes these errors?


    I had a similar problem installing a component out on my childhood SNES long ago, but not as bad as your image shows – it doesn’t have the vertical lines, only the garbled tiles.
    The lines off the encoder chip kept falling off (’cause I’m not very skilled!) and I think I was a bit too long with the soldering iron and fried the encoder a bit.

    Some games work okay, but others like Street Fighter 2 display these garbled tiles and the game locks up after I select a fighter.

    Haven’t found a fix yet, and it seems to be getting worse the longer I leave it in the closet.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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