Built-In test patterns for 720p, 960p, 1080p

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    The OSSC’s built-in test pattern is 720x480p resolution, it would be useful to also have ones for 1280x720p, 1280x960p, and 1920x1080p.

    The 480p test pattern has proven very useful for precision scaling of the OSSC’s output using a secondary processor, and it’d be very convenient to do the same at these higher output resolutions.

    These added test patterns would require another menu feature that could switch to one of the test patterns on demand, as opposed to the current behavior in which the test pattern only shows upon startup until an input is selected.


    The test pattern was originally meant to help verifying connections in DIY boards (easy to detect&locate disconnected color bus traces with it) but it has some other uses too. However, it uses standards timings which do not necessarily match what you get with real linedoubled sources. The same would apply for fixed 720p etc. patterns so I’m not sure how useful they would be. A dedicated firmware with pre-defined and fully customizable patterns could be considered since that would not consume remaining FPGA resources available on ossc firmware.


    This might be too much work but a test-suite that can just iterate through possible resolutions etc, doesn’t have to be fast and can just be a grey test pattern with settings used in text. Would help a lot with tuning to specific TV set and make it much simpler to build a DB over signal compatibility even if you have to sit there and manually make not of which resolutions etc display correctly etc.

    So I’m not talking automated system, just a slow constant change of output that the user can watch.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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